Minsc and Boo

Buttkicking for goodness!

Minsc is a powerful ranger from Rashemen with a somewhat addled mind. He always travels with his companion, Boo, a miniature, giant space hamster (at least according to Minsc, but not evidenced to anyone else). Minsc has been on many adventures with many adventuring groups, including the heroes of Baldur’s Gate (as featured in Baldur’s Gate I and II in which Minsc is a playable character). He is incredible strong, having a bald head and a large purple tattoo across his scalp and part of his face.


It is believed that at some point early in his life, that Minsc suffered some kind of head trauma causing him to lose some amount of his intellect. It’s unknown what his intellectual capabilities were prior to this head trauma, but it seems that he met Boo at sometime around this incident.

Minsc’s views of the world are fairly simplistic. Evil must be rooted out, wherever it may be heading, and justice must be served to all those deserving of it. While his instability often leads to him undergoing a fit of rage in the cause of justice and butt-kicking evil. Fortunately, Minsc has a naturally kind heart so his rage is generally directed towards those deserving of his aggression.


Minsc’s Dajemma

To gain admittance into the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge of Rashemen, Minsc needed to undertake a Dajemma; a right of passage and a mission to protect a witch as her bodyguard. The witch Minsc was given to protect was Dynaheir who led him to Western Faerun and the Sword Coast. It is here that they became separated and where their adventures intersected with the heroes of Baldur’s Gate. Minsc joins with this adventuring group, enlisting them to help save her from a gnoll stronghold.

Following on from the groups resolution of the Iron Crisis that beset the Sword Coast, Minsc, Boo and Dynaheir remained around Baldur’s Gate, joined by the heroes of Baldur’s Gate, including Imoen, Jaheira and Khalid. They investigated rumours surrounding the Shining Lady, Caelar Argent and also joined up with the bhaalspawn when he was secretly released from prison for murder. It was soon after this reunion that the heroes of Baldur’s Gate were captured by Jon Irenicus, taken to Athkatla and tortured resulting in the deaths of Khalid and Dynaheir.

Return to Baldur’s Gate

Minsc blamed himself for Dynaheir’s death and was distraught at the failure of his Dajemma. After he escaped Irenicus’ prison, he eventually returned to Baldur’s Gate. It was here that a statue of him erected, though unbeknownst to most, this was actually a petrified version of Minsc and Boo. He remained this way until a wild magic surge caused by the wild mage Delina as she attempted to attack a gargoyle, accidentally struck the statue and dispelled the petrification spell affecting Minsc, freeing him.

Minsc, Boo and Delina joined up with the thieves Krydle and Shandie, escaping the city watch at the same time. During their adventures, they uncovered the schemes of a nearby Cult of the Dragon.

Other Adventures

Minsc and Boo continued on many adventures with many different companions including:

  • Defending a temple of Kelemvor from a werewolf attack
  • Fighting and surviving a confrontation with the vampire lord Strahd Von Zarovich and his werewolf minions
  • Defended the city of Fireshear from group of frost giants
  • Defeated Krigar, an oni mage believed to be the perpetrator of an attack on Baldur’s Gate
  • Helped remove the curse of lycanthropy from his friend Nerys
  • Helped Drizzt Do’Urden drive the Cult of the Eternal Flame out of Gauntlgrym and defeat the demons that threatened to spill out of the abyss of the underdark
  • Protected the city of Elturel as it was being dragged down into Avernus. He eventually fell into a chasm into Avernus, temporarily losing his memories, but eventually escaping to the prime material plane

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