Baldur’s Gate Characters

All the recruitable characters from the legendary, D&D video games series

The Baldur’s Gate video games are a series of games set in the D&D universe. Specifically, most of the events happen along the Sword Coast of Faerun with much of the story occurring in and around the city of Baldur’s Gate.

The player plays as a character of their choosing, though in the books based on the games, that character is known as Abdel Adrian. Abdel is a bhaalspawn, one of thousands of Bhaal’s progeny, spread across Faerun in the hopes that the slaughter caused by his progeny would lead to his rebirth when Bhaal died during the time of troubles when gods became mortals.

During the events of the 2 Baldur’s Gate games and their expansions, Abdel and his 5 adventuring companions must save the Sword Coast from an iron crisis, defeat Abdel’s half brother who is seeking to rise to godhood, escape a crazed mage’s underground lair and defeat the other most powerful bhaalspawn in the land. Many other adventures and stories are told throughout the game including those revolving around many of the NPCs that can join you in your quest.

Baldur’s gate I Companions

In Baldur’s Gate I, you are able to recruit 25 individuals to your party that can be found throughout the Sword Coast. These companions are spread so far throughout the land, that it’s possible to never even meet some of them during your travels. These companions include:


Ajantis Ilvastarr – Lawful good, human paladin of Helm


Alora – Chaotic good halfling thief


Branwen – True neutral human cleric of Tempus


Coran – Chaotic good, elf fighter/thief


Dynaheir – Lawful good, human mage (invoker)


Edwin Odesseiron – Lawful evil, human mage (conjurer)


Eldoth Kron – Neutral evil, human bard


Faldorn – True neutral, human druid


Garrick – Chaotic neutral, human bard


Imoen – Neutral good, human thief and a Bhaalspawn


Jaheira – True neutral, half-elf fighter/druid and a member of the Harpers


Kagain – Lawful evil, dwarf fighter


Khalid – Neutral good, half-elf fighter and a member of the Harpers


Kivan – Chaotic good, elf ranger

Minsc & Boo

Minsc & Boo – Neutral good human ranger and his giant, miniature space hamster


Montaron – Neutral evil, halfling fighter/thief


Quayle – Chaotic neutral, gnome cleric/illusionist


Safana – Chaotic neutral, human thief


Shar-Teel – Chaotic evil, human fighter


Skie Silvershield – True neutral, human thief


Tiax – Chaotic evil, gnome cleric/thief


Viconia DeVir – Neutral evil, drow cleric of Shar


Xan – Lawful neutral, elf mage (enchanter)


Xzar – Chaotic evil, human mage (necromancer)


Yeslick Orothiar – Lawful good, dwarf fighter/cleric

Baldur’s Gate II Characters

Baldur’s Gate II follows on directly from the events of Baldur’s Gate I and its later expansion, Siege of Dragonspear. Some of the companions available during the 1st game remain available to the player in the 2nd game including your half-sister Imoen, the brain-damaged ranger Minsc, the Harper Jaheira, the arrogant mage Edwin and the drow cleric Viconia. You will also cross paths with other characters as well from Baldur’s Gate such as Quayle, Faldorn and Tiax, but these characters aren’t available to join your party.

Baldur’s Gate II also adds some new characters into the mix and provides many more optional side-quests to embark on with your party. There are 17 NPCs available to join you including:


Aerie – Lawful good, elf cleric/mage


Anomen Delryn – Lawful neutral, human fighter/cleric


Cernd – True neutral, human shapeshifter


Edwin Odesseiron – Lawful evil, human mage (conjurer)

Haer Dalis

Haer’Dalis – Chaotic neutral, tiefling blade


Imoen – Neutral good, human thief/mage


Jaheira – True neutral, half-elf fighter/druid


Jan Jansen – Chaotic neutral, gnome illusionist/thief


Keldorn Firecam – Lawful good, human inquisitor


Korgan Bloodaxe – Chaotic evil, dwarf berserker


Mazzy Fentan – Lawful good, halfling fighter

Minsc & Boo

Minsc & Boo – Chaotic good, human ranger


Nalia De’Arnise – Chaotic good, human thief/mage


Sarevok Anchev – Chaotic evil, human fighter


Valygar Corthala – Neutral good, human stalker


Viconia DeVir – Neutral evil, drow cleric of Shar


Yoshimo – True neutral, human bounty hunter

Enhanced Edition and Siege of Dragonspear Companions

Many years after the Baldur’s Gate games were completed, enhanced editions were released for various consoles and devices. With these enhanced editions came some new NPCs that could be recruited to your party. Later, a new expansion was also added to Baldur’s Gate I called ‘Siege of Dragonspear’. It includes a whole new, self-contained story, filling in the events between Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II as well as some companions only available during the expansion.

The new characters available in the enhanced edition and Siege of Dragonspear expansion include:


Baeloth Barrityl – Chaotic evil, drow sorceror


Captain Schael Corwin – Lawful good, human archer


Dorn Il-Khan – Neutral evil, half-orc blackguard


Glint Gardnersonson – Neutral good, gnome, cleric/thief


M’Khiin Grubdoubler – True neutral goblin shaman


Neera – Chaotic neutral, half-elf wild mage


Rasaad yn Bashir – Lawful good, human sun soul monk


Voghiln the Mighty – Neutral good, human skald


Caelar Argent – Lawful good, aasimar fighter

Other Important Characters

The Baldur’s Gate games offer a huge gaming world to explore and interact with. Within this world are many other important characters that may aid or impede you. Players may come across Elminster and other Harpers, Drizzt and the other Companions of the Hall, Cyric the former god of the dead, Jarlaxle, the roguish drow mercenary and many other characters. some of the other important characters you’ll meet along the way include:

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