About us

Dungeon Mister is a fan-made website created by experienced players and dungeon masters about D&D. For most of us, our D&D journey began way back when the first Baldur’s Gate game was released. Crowded round an old PC, siblings and friends joined together to adventure up and down the Sword Coast. We spent endless hours gathering our party so we could venture forth on many an adventure.

From our first introductions to D&D through one of the greatest role playing games ever created, we immersed ourselves in the literature, enjoying the exploits of Tanis and company in the Dragonlance books. Then we discovered that this universe we loved so much had an actual tabletop game it was all based on. From there, we have all become experienced D&D players and dungeon masters; infiltrating cults, murdering despots, deceiving hags and most of all, getting in trouble with devils!

We love D&D and play it about as often as we can and want to share the joy of playing with others. That’s why we created this website. We wanted to create something that not only helped new players understand the game, but that could also help experienced players optimise their playstyle. We use our experience as dungeon masters to provide tips and advice to other DMs too, knowing the challenges that come with being a new (and even an experienced) DM.

For us, D&D is a passion. We love the wariness of those first moments in a new campaign when you check everything for traps cause even a goblin could kill you. We also love the epic battles against hordes of formidable foes. We love the problem solving, tense encounters, the random nature of a dice role and the excellent banter that comes from friends playing a game together. We love the result of our hard work painting minis and creating scenery, to eventually see it in all its glory on the tabletop.

We love D&D and hope you do to (and if you don’t we hope we can help you in some way find that passion).

The Dungeon Mister Team