Sorcerer 5e – DnD Class Guide

Learn all about the innately magical sorcerors of D&D

Sorcerer’s have natural, innate magical abilities that come either as a gift or inherited from some ancestor. They tend to be highly attuned to their innate magical abilities with the ability to magnify their spells beyond that of other spellcasters. Of course this greater spell power does come with drawbacks as they have less spells available in their repertoire when compared to wizards.

How to play as a sorcerer

Sorcerers are best kept out of harms way while they blast out overpowered spells using their metamagic abilities. Action economy is important for sorcerers, without their spell slots, they’re quite ineffective in combat and become less effective as they run out of sorcery points. Charisma is their spellcasting ability so it’s important to make sure this is high. This does have the added bonus of making sorcerers good when it comes to role playing elements of the game.

Sorcerer Strengths

Sorcerer’s meta magic makes their spells extra powerful, whether that’s giving them extra range, extra damage, increasing the number of targets or one of the other effects of meta magic, sorcerers can be terrifying opponents capable of dealing huge damage and providing extra buffs.

Sorcerer Weaknesses

The challenge for sorcerers is how to make them survive long enough to deal out the damage. They have a low AC and low HP so are best kept at long range. In addition to this is their limited repertoire of spells means they must choose their spell list wisely with a little less versatility than wizards for instance.

Sorcerer class features

Party RoleSpell Damage Dealer, Control
Main AbilityCharisma
Saving ThrowsConstitution, Charisma
Hit Dice1d6 + Consitution modifier per level
HP at 1st Level6 + Constitution Modifier
Spell Casting AbilityCharisma
Armour ProficiencyNone
Weapon ProficiencyDaggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows

Sorcerer Abilities

LevelProficiency BonusSorcery PointsFeaturesCantrips KnownSpells Known1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
1st+2Spellcasting, Sorcerous Origin322
2nd+22Font of Magic333
3rd+23Meta Magic3442
4th+24Ability Score Improvement4543
6th+36Sorcerous Origin Feature47433
8th+38Ability Score Improvement494332
10th+410Meta Magic51143332
12th+412Ability Score Improvement512433321
14th+514Sorcerous Origin Feature5134333211
16th+516Ability Score Improvement51443332111
18th+618Sorcerous Origin Feature515433331111
19th+619Ability Score Improvement515433332111
20th+620Sorcerous Restoration515433332211

Sorcerer subclasses in D&D 5e

Sorcerous OriginSubclass AbilitiesSource BookDescription
Draconic BloodlineDragon Ancestor, Draconic Resilience, Elemental Affinity, Dragon Wings, Draconic PresencePlayer’s HandbookThese sorcerers have the powers of dragons coursing through their veins.
Wild MagicWild Magic Surge, Tides of Chaos, Bend Luck, Controlled Chaos, Spell BombardmentPlayer’s HandbookChaotic sorcerers whose magic is wild and unpredictable.
Storm SorceryWind Speaker, Tempestuous Magic, Heart of the Storm, Storm Guide, Storm’s Fury, Wind SoulXanathar’s Guide to EverythingSorcerers whose abilities originate from the element of air.
PyromancerHeart of Fire, Fire in the Veins, Pyromancer’s Fury, Fiery SoulPlane Shift – KaladeshSorcerers whose magical origins come from beings that control fire.
Divine SoulDivine Magic, Favoured by the Gods, Empowered Healing, Angelic Form, Unearthly RecoveryXanathar’s Guide to EverythingSuch sorcerers have their magic originating from divine sources.
Shadow MagicEyes of the Dark, Strength of the Grave, Hound of Ill Omen, Shadow Walk, Umbral FormXanathar’s Guide to EverythingTheir magic comes from shadowy and sinister origins.
Aberrant MindPsionic Spells, Telepathic Speech, Psionic Sorcery, Psychic Defenses, Revelation in Flesh, Warping ImplosionTasha’s Cauldron of EverythingTheir abilities derive from psychic origins.
Clockwork SoulClockwork magic, Restore Balance, Bastion of Law, Trance of Order, Clockwork CavalcadeTasha’s Cauldron of EverythingSorcerers with innate magic derived from mechanus.
Lunar SorceryLunar Embodiment, Moon Fire, Lunar Boons, Waxing and Waning, Lunar Empowerment, Lunar PhenomenonDragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon QueenSorcerer’s whose magic comes from the powers of the moon.

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