D&D Settings

From the deepest caverns of the underdark to the farthest reaches of realmspace, we’ve got guides for the vast and varied settings found throughout the D&D universe.

Image of Waterdeep
Dark Sun Ruined City

Dark Sun

Dark Sun is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons set on the world of Athas, a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a planet. It was originally published in 1991 and was the first setting to also come released with a narrative for players to be inserted into. It also introduced brand new races lie the thri-kreen, aarokocra and pterrans.

Dragonlance Dragons Fighting


Dragonlance is a setting in D&D taking place on the world of Krynn, a high fantasy setting in which the gods of good and evil continually struggle against one another. The gods are joined in their struggle by mortal beings as well as their true children, the dragons. The setting was first created by Laura and Tracey Hickman with over 190 novels having been written about Dragonlance and many D&D modules including a setting book for 3.5e.



Eberron is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the name of the world on which the campaign is set. Much like most D&D campaign settings, Eberron is a fantasy world filled with magic and medieval-like societies, but it merges cyberpunk elements weaving mechanised creatures and technology into the wrold. A campaign book has been released for 5e set in Eberron called Eberron: Rising from the Last War. It has its own planes of existence and unique cosmology being set on the world of Eberron in the Great Wheel Cosmology.

The Feywild

The Feywilds

The Feywild exists in parallel to the material plane and is in fact a reflection of the material plane. This means that geographically, the Feywild is very similar to the material plane with topographical features existing in similar locations such as seas and mountains etc. Of course, the effects of the inhabitants of each plane on the land has been very different, where a city might have been found on the material plane, may just be untamed forests in the Feywild for example.

Image of Waterdeep

Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Realms is probably the most popular D&D setting created. Primarily, it’s focused on the continent of Faerun, a place found on the planet of Abeir-Toril, an Earth like planet set in a fantasy world filled with elves, dragons, wizards and other creatures you’d expect in a fantasy world (and many you might not).


Although Faerun is the most famous setting in D&D, Greyhawk is actually the original setting from which D&D took place and most of the early modules take place there. While little lore of the earea was originally given, the focus was on the adventures and Gygax’s infamous mega dungeon, “Castle Greyhawk” was set here though the location isn’t considered canon.

Great Wheel Cosmology

The Planes of Existence

The planes of existence are D&D’s version of the multiverse. Each plane exists in its own pocket of reality with the borders of certain planes being closer than others allowing easier travel between those planes (though travelling between planes of existence generally isn’t easy even when the barriers are thin).

Sigil and the Spire


Planescape is a unifying explanation of the D&D universe. It ties all the many planes of existence together and explains how they operate between each other in something known as the Great Wheel Cosmology which acts like a map of the different planes. The setting itself centralises on the city of Sigil from which all the other planes can be accessed.


Ravenloft is one of the settings within the D&D universe and one that’s filled with horror and evil. It is not set on the material plane but rather a place in extradimensional space known as the domains of dread. There are dozens of known domains of dreads and potentially a myriad more that are unknown.


Spelljammer is a setting in the D&D universe first introduced in 2nd edition. A Spelljammer is also a vessel capable of interstellar travel allowing characters to travel to new planets to explore all kinds of worlds. This is the premise of the Spelljammer setting, giving characters the potential to travel to worlds unknown and encounter increasingly alien ecosystems.