People of D&D

From valiant fighters and charming rogues to vastly powerful archmages, the worlds of D&D are home to some of the most legendary heroes, villains and gods imagined.

Asmodeus the archdevil


Devils are evil creatures that live in the Nine Hells. Devils are much less chaotic than their abyssal cousins, the demons, and tend to be more crafty plotters than rage-filled destroyers. Their primary goals are to entrap mortals into the layers of hell to take their souls and defeat their immortal enemies; the demons and celestials. Archdevils are the most powerful devils and lead the forces of hell in this endeavour.


Celestial Paragons

Celestial paragons are incredibly powerful celestial beings and the opposite of the devilish and demonic archfiends of Hell and the Abyss. The celestial paragons do not serve any particular deity, instead forging their own path for goodness, though it was not uncommon for them to seek aid or work collaboratively with good-aligned deities when the need arose.

Drizzt Do'Urden

Companions of the Hall

The Companions of the Hall are an adventuring group that include the infamous Drizzt Do’UrdenBruenor Battlehammer and Catti-Brie among others. They take their name from one of their greatest victories when they defended the dwarven stronghold of Mithral Hall from an attacking army of drow from Menzoberranzan.

Darklords of Ravenloft

The domains of dread of Ravenloft are self-contained regions, usually the size of a city or a small country, but sometimes much smaller in which the inhabitants are trapped and tortured by the domains darklord. These darklords rule over the domain but they themselves are trapped, tortured constantly by the Dark Powers, a mysterious, god-like force that rules over Ravenloft and its darklords.

Demon Lords

Demons are evil creatures that originally came from another reality. These demons were known as obyriths and are eldritch creatures that have almost drifted into extinction. The Obyriths created the Tanar’ri, twisting the forms of mortals that entered the Abyss into these despicable beings, the first of these being Demogorgon. Demogorgon and 9 other, extremely powerful rule over the Abyss as Demon Lords.

Gods and Goddesses

The gods and goddesses of the D&D universe are powerful but imperfect beings of incredible power. There are many gods and most are unique to each setting meaning that a different pantheon of gods will be worshipped in Faerun to those worshipped on Krynn. There are some exceptions with multiversal travel available and in particular, the gods of non-human deities can be the same across different settings they are for the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk.

Harper symbol


The Harpers are a powerful organisation found on Faerun who stand for fairness and equality for all. This means that they’re typically engaged in fighting against tyranny and corruption.

Rather than being based within a particular city, the Harpers are dispersed throughout Faerun in cells that operate independently from one another.

Baldur’s Gate Characters

In the Baldur’s Gate video games, players plays as a character of their choosing, though in the books based on the games, that character is known as Abdel Adrian. In order to accomplish your many quests and adventures, you can recruit many other adventurers to your party as well as meeting many important individuals throughout the Sword Coast.

Red Wizards of Thay

Red Wizards of Thay

The Red Wizards of Thay are a group of elite wizards that hail from the nation of Thay in Eastern Faerun. The Red Wizards are so tightly wound in Thay’s government that they effectively rule the nation themselves with the Red Wizards occupying most positions of importance.

Zhentarim Symbol 5e


The Zhentarim, also known as the Black Network, are a mercenary organisation that operate in Faerun with a particularly strong presence along the Sword Coast. In fact, it’s difficult to find a major city or trade route along the Sword Coast without some kind of Zhentarim presence.