Gods & Goddesses in D&D

Deities across the settings of D&D

The gods and goddesses of the D&D universe are powerful but imperfect beings of incredible power. There are many gods and most are unique to each setting meaning that a different pantheon of gods will be worshipped in Faerun to those worshipped on Krynn. There are some exceptions with multiversal travel available and in particular, the gods of non-human deities can be the same across different settings they are for the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk.

Religion for the inhabitants of the D&D universe is important. For the common folk, in a world of boundless dangers, the ability to petition to a deity gives hope and sometimes the blessings of some boon or another for their devotion. For those that dedicate themselves to the worship of some god or another is the potential for great power granted upon their followers as is the case for clerics and paladins. In much rarer instances, some individuals may pit themselves against the gods themselves. While the gods are immortal, they are not infallible and can be killed or defeated in rare circumstances as happened during the Time of Troubles in Faerun when gods walked the Toril as mortal avatars.

Some mortals even aspire to godhood and some have achieved this phenomenal achievement like Vecna and Kelemvor. Such individuals have been included below, but this does allow huge scope for DMs to create their own deities or even offer players the opportunity to achieve godhood themselves. There may even be gods lurking in the universe that most people haven’t even heard of.

Gods of the Forgotten Realms

Toril was originally created by the twin goddesses Shar and Selune. Each goddess complemented one another and worked together to create the worlds of the Forgotten Realms. Selune provided the light and Shar provided the shadowy places. They also created Chauntea who imbued their worlds with life but requested that warmth be given to her living things that they might survive. It was at this point that a great rift arose between the 2 goddesses and a conflict formed. From this original creation point, the pantheon of the Forgotten Realms has expanded with each of the deities of the Forgotten Realms listed below:

AurilFemaleNeutral EvilWinter6 pointed snowflake
AzuthMaleLawful NeutralWizardsLeft hand, pointing upwards, outlined in fire
BaneMaleLawful EvilTyrannyBlack right fist
BeshabaFemaleChaotic EvilMisfortunePair of black antlers
BhaalMaleNeutral EvilMurderSkull surrounded by drops of blood
ChaunteaFemaleNeutral GoodAgricultureSheaf of grain
CyricMaleChaotic EvilLiesJawless white skull on purple
DeneirMaleNeutral GoodWritingLit candle above an open eye
EldathFemaleNeutral GoodPeaceWaterfall plunging into a still pool
GondMaleTrue NeutralCraftCog with 4 spokes
HelmMaleLawful NeutralProtectionEye in a gauntlet
IlmaterMaleLawful GoodEndurance2 hands bound by a red cord
KelemvorMaleLawful NeutralThe DeadSkeletal arm holding balanced scales
LathanderMaleNeutral goodBirth and RenewalRoad travelling into the sunset
LieraFemaleChaotic NeutralIllusionTriangle pointing down containing swirling mist
LliiraFemaleChaotic GoodJoy3 six-pointed stars
LoviatarFemaleLawful EvilPain9 tailed, barbed scourge
MalarMaleChaotic EvilThe HuntClawed paw
MaskMaleChaotic NeutralThievesBlack Mask
MielikkiFemaleNeutral GoodForestsUnicorn’s head
MyrkulMaleNeutral EvilDeathWhite human skull
MystraFemaleNeutral GoodMagic7 stars around a flowing red mist
OghmaMaleTrue NeutralKnowledgeBlank scroll
SavrasMaleLawful NeutralDivination and FateCrystal ball containing many eyes
SeluneFemaleChaotic GoodMoonPair of eyes surrounded by 7 stars
SharFemaleNeutral EvilDarkness and LossBlack disc with purple border
SilvanusMaleTrue NeutralWild NatureOak leaf
SuneFemaleChaotic GoodLove and BeautyFace of a beautiful, red-haired woman
TalonaFemaleChaotic EvilDisease and Poison3 tear drops on a triangle
TalosMaleChaotic EvilStorms3 lightning bolts
TempusMaleTrue NeutralWarUpright flaming sword
TormMaleLawful GoodCourage and Self-SacrificeWhite right gauntlet
TymoraFemaleChaotic GoodGood Fortune and AdventureFace up coin
TyrMaleLawful GoodJustice and HeroismBalanced scales on a warhammer
UmberleeFemaleChaotic EvilSeaOcean wave
WaukeenFemaleTrue NeutralTradeUpright coin with Waukeen’s profile

Gods of Dragonlance

In Dragonlance, there are 3 primary deities known as the High Gods, each representing a particular alignment; Paladine for good, Gilean for neutrality and Takhisi for evil. Each of these deities has aligned themselves with other, like-minded gods. Within each group is a god of magic that grants magical powers appropriate to that alignment; Solinari providing good magic, Lunitari providing neutral magic and Nuitari providing evil magic. All of these gods are opposed by Chaos, a god that would see all of Krynn destroyed.

All the gods of the Dragonlance setting can be found below:

PaladineMaleLawful GoodRulers and GuardiansSilver triangle
BranchalaMaleNeutral GoodMusicHarp
HabbakukMaleNeutral GoodAnimal Life and the SeaBlue bird
Kiri-JolithMaleLawful GoodHonour and WarPair of bison’s horns
MajereMaleLawful GoodMeditation and OrderCopper spider
MishakalFemaleLawful GoodHealingBlue infinity symbol
SolinariFemaleLawful GoodGood MagicWhite circle
GileanMaleTrue NeutralKnowledgeOpen Book
ChislevFemaleTrue NeutralNatureFeather
ReorxMaleTrue NeutralCraftForging hammer
ShinareFemaleTrue NeutralWealth and TradeGriffon’s wing
SirrionMaleTrue NeutralFire and ChangeMulti-coloured fire
ZivilynMaleTrue NeutralWisdomGreen or gold tree
LunitariFemaleTrue NeutralNeutral MagicRed circle
TakhisisFemaleLawful EvilNight and HatredBlack crescent
ChemoshMaleLawful EvilUndeadYellow skull
HiddukelMaleChaotic EvilLies and GreedPair of broken merchant’s scales
MorgionMaleNeutral EvilDisease and SecrecyHood with 2 red eyes
SargonnasMaleLawful EvilVengeance and FireStylised red condor
ZeboimFemaleChaotic EvilSea and StormsTurtle shell
NuitariMaleLawful EvilEvil MagicBlack circle

Gods of Eberron

The gods of Eberron are primarily formed from 2 groups; The Sovereign Host and The Dark Six. The Sovereign Host is the primary religion of Eberron and involved the worship of 9 deities rather than a restriction of worship to a single deity. Worshippers (or Vassals) of the Sovereign Host, will tend to worship the deity most appropriate to their needs at the time.

The Dark Six were once part of the Sovereign Host, but the Vassals believe that they were once kicked out of the pantheon for certain transgressions in an event known as the schism. These gods did not lose their divinity but rather, were removed from the pantheon of generally worshipped gods. Some do still pay to The Dark Six, but generally, this is done out of fear more than in supplication for a boon of some kind.

Some other deities do exist that are worshipped by several lesser religions and are also represented below:

ArawaiFemaleNeutral GoodFertilitySheaf of wheat
AureonMaleLawful NeutralLaw and KnowledgeAn open tome
BalinorMaleTrue NeutralBeasts and the huntA pair of antlers
BoldreiFemaleLawful GoodCommunication and HomeFire in a stone hearth
Dol ArrahFemaleLawful GoodSunlight and HonourA rising sun
Dol DornMaleChaotic GoodStrength at ArmsLongsword crossed on a shield
Kol KorranMaleTrue NeutralTrade and WealthNine-sided gold coin
OlladraFemaleNeutral GoodGood fortuneA domino
OnatarMaleNeutral GoodCraftCrossed hammer and tongs
The DevourerMaleNeutral EvilNature’s WrathA bundle of 5 sharpened bones
The FuryFemaleNeutral EvilWrath and MadnessWinged worm with a woman’s head and body
The KeeperMaleNeutral EvilGreed and DeathDragonshard stone in the shape of a fang
The MockeryMaleNeutral EvilViolence and Treachery5 blood-spattered tools
The ShadowMaleChaotic EvilDark MagicAn obsidian tower
The TravellerChaotic NeutralChaos and Change4 crossed bones with runes
The Silver FlameLawful GoodProtection and GoodA flame drawn on silver
The Blood of VolLawful NeutralImmortality and UndeathDragon skull on red teardrop gem
Cults of the Dragon BelowNeutral EvilMadnessDragon skull
The Path of LightLawful NeutralLight and Self-ImprovementA brilliant crystal
The Undying CourtNeutral GoodStylised skull
The Spirits of the PastChaotic GoodSymbols vary

Gods of Greyhawk

Over a hundred deities are worshipped by the people of Oerth (the primary planet for the setting of Greyhawk). Many of these vary across different races but most can be split into several sub-pantheons based on the types of people that worship them:

  • Baklunish
  • Oeridian
  • Flan
  • Suel
  • Touv
  • Olman
  • Non-Human Deities
  • Monstrous Deities

The main, human deities of Greyhawk are listed below:

BeoryFemaleTrue NeutralNatureGreen disc
BoccobMaleTrue NeutralMagicEye within a pentagram
CelestianMaleTrue NeutralStars and WanderersArc of 7 stars in a circle
EhlonnaFemaleNeutral GoodWoodlandsUnicorn’s Horn
ErythnulMaleChaotic EvilEnvy and SlaughterDrop of blood
FharlanghnMaleNeutral GoodHorizons and ExplorationCurved horizontal line over a circle
HeironeousMaleLawful GoodChivalry and WarLightning bolt
HextorMaleLawful GoodWar and Discord6 arrows facing down
KordMaleChaotic GoodAthletics and Sport4 spears and 4 maces
IncabulosMaleNeutral EvilPlague and FamineReptilian eye with a diamond
IstusFemaleTrue NeutralFate and DestinySpindle with 3 strands
LuzMaleChaotic EvilPain and OppressionGrinning human skull
NerullMaleNeutral EvilDeathSkull with sickle or scythe
Obad-HaiMaleTrue NeutralNatureOak leaf or acorn
OlidammaraMaleChaotic NeutralRevalryLaughing mask
PelorMaleNeutral GoodSun and HealingThe Sun
PholtusMaleLawful GoodLight and LawSilver sun or full moon eclipsed by a smaller, crescent moon
RalishazMaleChaotic NeutralPoor Luck and Insanity3, bone fate casting sticks
RaoMaleLawful GoodPeace and ReasonWhite heart
Saint CuthbertMaleLawful NeutralCommon Sense and ZealStarburst lines around a circle
TharizdunMaleChaotic EvilEternal DarknessDark spiral or inverted ziggurat
TrithereonMaleLawful GoodLiberty and RetributionTriskelion
UlaaFemaleLawful GoodHills and MountainsMountain with a circle inside
VecnaMaleNeutral EvilEvil SecretsHand with an eye in it’s palm
Wee jasFemaleLawful NeutralMagic and DeathRed skull in front of a fireball

Gods of Dark Sun

Dark Sun is unique in the settings of D&D as no deities are currently known to operate within this setting. Some believe that the gods were simply unable to pass into the material plane like other beings from the outer planes of Dark Sun. Others believe that the primordials defeated the gods preventing their return to Athas or causing them to flee. Either way, there are no currently operating gods within the Dark Sun setting meaning that there are no clerics, paladins or other faiths other than those that receive no power from their gods.

Gods of Ravenloft

Strictly speaking, there are no gods of Ravenloft though there are god-like beings that rule over Ravenloft and its Domains of Dread known only as the Dark powers. They are mysterious and incomprehensible beings of darkness and evil. It is they that formed the Domains of Dread, transforming them into living nightmares for the inhabitants and it is they that drag people from the mortal realms into Ravenloft, trapped within the misty borders of whatever domain they choose to place them.

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