Celestial Paragons in D&D

Paragons of virtue

What are Celestial Paragons?

Celestial paragons are incredibly powerful celestial beings and the opposite of the devilish and demonic archfiends of Hell and the Abyss. The celestial paragons do not serve any particular deity, instead forging their own path for goodness, though it was not uncommon for them to seek aid or work collaboratively with good-aligned deities when the need arose. The paragons themselves are not gods and are careful to distinguish themselves from such a comparison to their followers as they do not wish to be worshipped.

Many of the Celestial Paragons also serve as rulers of the 7 heavens of Mount Celestia (a sort of counterpart to the Nine Hells). They rule over the inhabitants of these realms and use their agents throughout the planes to combat evil forces wherever they might be.

It is believed that there are 16 Celestial Paragons in existence, though there may be others that are unknown of. These paragons can mainly be divided into a few different groups; The Celestial Hebdomad, Talisid and the 5 Companions and The Court of Stars. It should also be noted that the good-aligned dragon deity, Bahamut, spent some time operating as a Celestial Paragon, but does not operate in this function currently.

The Celestial Hebdomad

The Celestial Hebdomad is made up of those Celestial Paragons that serve as rulers of the realms of the 7 heavens of Mount Celestia. They lead as rulers of law and justice as well as goodness and there is one 1 ruling each of the 7 heavens. These 7 layers of heaven form an incredible mount.

The topmost layer of Mount Celestia is known as Chronias and is said to be such a good place, that it literally glows. Little is recorded by the few that have entered this place, but it is said that those that try to enter have all the evil and neutrality burnt out of them so that they are beings of pure good when they enter (if they survive).

Each of the Celestial Hebdomad are detailed below along with the layer of Mount Celestia over which they rule:


Barachiel – Paragon of Lunia

Operating as the herald of the Hebdomad, Barachiel is the ruler of the 1st layer of Celestia known as Lunia


Domiel – Paragon of Mercuria

Known as the Mercy-bringer, he is the ruler of the 2nd layer of Mount Celestia, known as Mercuria, or the Golden Heaven


Erathaol – Paragon of Venya

Also known as the seer, Erathaol is the ruler os Venya, the 3rd layer of Mount Celestia

Pistis Sophia

Pistis Sophia – Paragon of Solania

She is the ruler of Solania. 4th layer of Celestia, the Electrum Heaven and is the patron of monks and mystics


Raziel – Paragon of Mertion

A patron of paladins, Raziel is the ruler of Mertion, the 5th layer of Celestia


Sealtiel – Paragon of Jovar

Known as the defender, Sealtiel is the ruler of Jovar, the 6th layer of Celestia

Zaphkiel the Celestial Paragon

Zaphkiel – Paragon of Chronias

The first archon created ruling Chronias, the heaven of Mount Celestia and 7th layer of Celestia

Talisid and the Five Companions

Not all Celestial Paragons are rulers of Mount Celestia, some instead operate as adventuring guardians. This is the case for Talisid and the Five Companions who are protectors of goodness.

Talisid is the long3est serving member of the group and is their leader. He’s been the leader of the group for so long that no-one can remember who led them before him, but most other group members have ended to retire as age and time have caught up with them. The group currently consists of:


Talisid the Celestial Lion

The most powerful of the leonals (humanoids with lion-like features), a celestial lion and the constant leader of the group.


Sathia the Sky Duchess

An avoral (a humanoid with bird-like features) and patron of sculptors and painters.


Manath the Horned Duke

A cervidal (a humanoid with goat-like features) and the most recent addition to the group.


Vhara Duchess of the Fields

An powerful equinal, having the head of the horse and the body of a human.


Kharash the Stalker

A lupinal (a humanoid with wolf-like features) and best friend of Talisid.


Bharrai the Great Bear

The matriarch of the ursinals (a humanoid with bear-like features) and an impressive spellcaster.

The Court of Stars

The Court of Stars is a demiplane that travels between Arvandor and the Gates of the Moon. It’s a an idyllic place that is similar to the Sylvan forests of the Feywild and is populated by Fey creatures and Eladrin.

Inhabitants of the Court of Stars do not need to eat, drink or sleep, but may do any of these activities as they desire. The demiplane is ruled over by Morwel, the Queen of Stars and her 2 consorts, Faerinaal and Gwyhharyf. Each of these individuals is a Celestial Paragon in their own right.


Morwel the Queen of Stars

Morwel is the ruler of the Court of Stars and relies heavily on the counsel of her 2 consorts; Faerinaal and Gwynharwyf.


Faerinaal the Queen’s Consort

Faerinaal is the protector of the Court of Stars including its inhabitants and is often rescuing trapped eladrin. He is a master politician and is one of Morwel’s consorts.


Gwynharwyf the Whirling Fury

Gwynharwyf is a patron of barbarians and often leads good-aligned barbarians into battle against evil. She also acts as Morwel’s consort.

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