Plant Creatures in D&D

They’re tree-mendous

Plant creatures in the D&D universe are plants that have some form of sentience and though they have the biological hallmarks of plant life (such as spreading spores, photosynthesising etc), they behave more like a creature. Some plant creatures demonstrate greater sentience than others such as myconids or vegepygmys that are capable of communication and intellectual reasoning while others appear to act more on instinct like a simple beast might do, reacting to stimuli like pain and hunger in an instinctual way.

Types of Plant Creatures

Below are all the types of plant creatures found in the D&D universe:

  • Assassin Vine – A carnivorous plant that grows both above and below the surface
  • Blight – Plants that have been tainted with evil, becoming a dead-looking creature similar to the plant from which it was formed
  • Campestri – A sentient fungal creature related to myconids
  • Gas Spore – Balloon-looking, toxic fungi that look similar to a beholder
  • Kelpie – Appearing like a mass of seaweed, kelpie can adjust their form to appear like other creatures
  • Mantrap – Similar to a venus fly trap, but much larger, mantraps are capable of consuming a person whole
  • Myconid – Peaceful, bipedal, fungal creatures that live in dark corners of the world
  • Shambling Mound – A large, predatory creature made up of strong vines
  • Shrieker – Fungi without the ability to move, but will emit loud, screaming noises to capture their prey
  • Thornslinger – A small, carnivorous tree covered in thorns
  • Treant – Sentient tree beings with the ability to walk
  • Tri-flower Frond – A triple flowering plant that attacks passers by
  • Vegepygmy – Spawned from dead humanoids through the spores they emit, vegepygmys are sentient creatures
  • Violet Fungus – human-sized mushrooms with vine-like appendages that can attack passers by
  • Wood Woad – Powerful, humanoids turned into guardian plants hosting the soul of a creature that has given up their life to perform an eternal duty
  • Yellow Musk Creeper – A flower that can kill psychically passers by and implant its bulb in their corpse allowing it to reanimate the corpse

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