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Learn all about barbarians and how to use them in our guide to this aggressive class

Druids are wielders of ancient magics arising from nature itself. They show devotion to nature and have the ability to shapeshift into animal forms. It’s their ability to shapeshift and to cast spells that make them one of the more versatile classes in D&D 5e.

How to play as a druid


Druids can be played in a variety of ways and can easily adapt to a given situation. They have a range of spells that can be used for buffs, healing or damage (though the damage output of their spells is more limited than that of other spellcasters like wizards, sorcerors and clerics). This is in part made up for with their wild shape ability which allows them to transform into another creature. These have obvious uses in combat (who wants to fight against a brown bear!) but also give you lots of options outside of combat. What’s more discrete and stealthy than a spider or a rat? Just make sure you don’t get stepped on!

A druid’s spellcasting ability is wisdom so you’ll want to make sure you make this strong. Druids are capable of getting into the thick of combat so decent stats around Constitution and Strength or Dexterity are also helpful (Dexterity in particular to beef up that AC as druids are limited to non-metal forms of armour).

Druid Strengths

Wild shape is a huge boon for druids. Not only can they benefit from the stats and abilities of a whole other creature, but this stacks with their HP so if they lose all their HP in their brown bear form, it’s OK, they just transform back into their humanoid form. As a full spellcaster, druids have access to spells that go all the way up to 9th level, and there’s variety here from healing, buffs and damage to out of combat spells as well.

Druid Weaknesses

To compensate for the great wild shape ability, the creatures druids transform into tend to have a low AC. And while they do have a strong repertoire of spells, these tend not to be high damage dealers making them reliant on their wild shape ability to dole out the damage. Oh, and don’t forget, druids don’t get to wear metal armour so you best make sure you beef out that Dexterity.

Druid class features

Party RoleUtility, Support Caster, Control, Healer
Main AbilityWisdom
Saving ThrowsIntelligence, Wisdom
Hit Dice1d8 + Consitution modifier per level
HP at 1st Level8 + Constitution Modifier
Spell Casting AbilityWisdom
Armour ProficiencyLight armour, medium armour, shields (druids will not wear armour made of metal)
Weapon ProficiencyClubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears

Druid Abilities

LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesCantrips Known1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
1st+2Druidic, Spellcasting22
2nd+2Wild Shape, Druid Circle, Wild Companion (Optional)23
4th+2Wild Shape improvement, Ability Score Improvement, Cantrip Versatility (Optional)343
6th+3Druid Circle feature3433
8th+3Wild Shape improvement, Ability Score Improvement, Cantrip Versatility (Optional)34332
10th+4Druid Circle feature443332
12th+4Ability Score Improvement, Cantrip Versatility (Optional)4433321
14th+5Druid Circle feature44333211
16th+5Ability Score Improvement, Cantrip Versatility (Optional)443332111
18th+6Timeless Body, Beast Spells4433331111
19th+6Ability Score Improvement, Cantrip Versatility (Optional)4433332111

Druid subclasses in D&D 5e

Druid SubclassSubclass AbilitiesSource BookDescription
Circle of the LandBonus Cantrip, Natural Recovery, Lnad’s Stride, Nature’s Ward, Nature’s SanctuaryPlayer’s HandbookYour power is derived from a specific location in nature.
Circle of the MoonCombat Wildshape, Circle Forms, Primal Strike, Elemental Wild shape, Thousand FormsPlayer’s HandbookHave powers that come from changing forms.
Circle of DreamsBalm of the Summer Court, Heart of Moonlight and Shadow, Hidden Paths, Walker in DreamsXanathar’s Guide to EverythingBlessed with the powers of the Feywilds to be able to heal.
Circle of the ShepherdSpeech of the Woods, Spirit Totem, Mighty Summoner, Guardian Spirit, Faithful SummonsXanathar’s Guide to EverythingA protector of animals.
Circle of SporesHalo of Spores, Symbiotic Entity, Fungal Infestation, Spreading Spores, Fungal BodyTasha’s Cauldron of EverythingUses mycelium for its many powers and abilities.
Circle of StarsStar Map, Starry Form, Cosmic Omen, Twinkling Constellations, Full of StarsTasha’s Cauldron of EverythingLook to the stars for power and guidance.
Circle of WildfireSummon Wildfire Spirit, Enhanced Bond, Cauterizing Flames, Blazing RevivalTasha’s Cauldron of EverythingView wildfire as a catalyst to change and even enhancement. From the ashes of the old comes a stronger new.

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