Bluetspur: Domain of Alien Memories

Insane in the brain, insane in the membrane!

Bluetspur is an alien environment that is practically inhospitable due to cataclysm after cataclysm that scar its surface. The landscape defies gravity, tempests roar uncontrollably and the sun burns red, dying slowly, turning the surface into an inhospitable wasteland.

For this reason, the denizens of Bluetspur have sought the “relative” safety below the surface to survive. But even there, mind flayers hatch terrifying experimentations to save their dying Darklord, the God-Brain of Bluetspur. Those caught by the illithid often are not seen again, and when they are, they bear significant mental scars of the experience, even if they have no memory of ever being there.

Information About Bluetspur

DarklordThe God-Brain of Bluetspur
Domain CharacteristicDomain of Alien Memories
GenreCosmic Horror
HallmarksAlien abductions, otherworldly landscapes, untrustworthy memories, monstrous experimentation
RacesHumans, illithid, drow, duergar
SettlementsCitadel Subterrene
Mount Grysl

Characteristics of Bluetspur

Then surface of Bluetspur is a hazardous place that is inhospitable except to the most hardy of creatures. The underground, while livable, is still of huge danger with the servants of the God-Brain seeking more thralls to suffer through their experiments or be added to its hive of servants to do its bidding.

Those that have fulfilled the God-Brain’s needs are ejected from the domain with no memory of the events that have transpired other than the deep psychological dread that such experiences cause and the physical scars of torture that are often left. Some seem to dream of the terrors of Bluetspur with no memory of having been there. Often, these are not visions of what is there, but memories resurfacing of experiences that individual had in Bluetspur.

Darklord: The God-Brain of Bluetspur

The illithid and their elder brains are cosmic aberrations travelling the cosmos and subjugating “lesser” species to their will. Experimentation is not unusual for the illithid, but one elder brain went further than any other in its desire for knowledge and power. The God-Brain led an eon of atrocities to further its reality bending research. In doing so, it discovered a malignant truth unknown to others. Consumed by this knowledge, the God-Brain went about consuming other elder brains, taking their knowledge and their form. Such rampant cannibalism led to the God-Brain developing a horrific disease. The other elder brains united to dispel the God-Brain from existence to prevent them being infected.

Unfortunately for the denizens of Bluetspur, the Dark Powers plucked the God-Brain from this place without reality, planting it onto this dying domain. It is here that the God-Brain and his hive of servants plot increasingly demented ways to save himself.

Having consumed so many other elder brains, the God-Brain is now a massive entity, more akin to a location than an individual. Its threat is indirect as it is simply the mastermind behind the schemes with droves of mind flayers and other servants performing its bidding. Its servants will do anything to attempt to keep the God-Brain alive sending out vampiric mind flayers into other domains to bring back subjects for their unfathomable experiments.

Unlike most elder brains, the God-Brain is wildly unpredictable, almost demented in its approach. While its death may yet be a millennia away, it hurries about seeking to rapidly find a cure for itself in ever increasingly amoral and extreme ways.

Locations in Bluetspur

Mount Makab

Mount Makab is not actually a mountain but an amplification device used by the mind flayers to project psionic energy into other Domains of Dread. While somewhat natural looking, it is also a deformation on a planetary level. It stretches into the toxic cloud layer of the domains and, in some reality-bending impossibility, manages to remain within the peripheral view of all people in Bluetspur no matter which way they look.

Citadel Subterrene

Citadel Subterrene is the lair of mind flayers on Bluetspur and stretches far beneath the surface of Mount Makab. It’s a metropolis of inter-connected compounds containing libraries, laboratories, incubation domes, prison facilities, sergical theatres and many other rooms that defy all understanding or description. Its labyrinthine hallways are nearly untraversable for ordinary mortals without levitation, psyonic abilities or some other strange abilities. Entry though is simple; fissures all over the surface of Bluetspur will somehow lead into the terrifying depths of Citadel Subterrene.

The Chamber of the God-Brain

An oval shaped chamber beneath Mount Makab that houses the God-Brain in a chamber of organic metal. Within this enormous room, the God-Brain soaks in a medicinal fluid that is experimental and deadly to ordinary creatures. The mind flayer servants of the God-Brain serve at its every whim in protective gear to keep them from being killed by the chemicals their overlord bathes in.

Mount Grysl

Once an extension of the hive held in Citadel Subterrene, Mount Grysl is now home to the rebel factions of mind flayers that no longer wished to succumb to the whims of the God-Brain. While remaining a separate faction from the God-Brain’s hive, these mind flayers have mostly resorted to infighting leaving the spirits of mind flayers to wander the halls of the mount. The rebellion leader, the high master, still remains however and seeks to use whatever means necessary to undermine the God-Brain

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