Kalakeri: Domain of Betrayal and Revenge

Sibling rivalry

Kalakeri is one of the Domains of Dread of Ravenloft and is ruled over by the Darklord, Ramya Vasavadan. Kalakeri is covered in lush rainforests, home to exotic plants and animals alike. But such luscious plant-life also grows many dangers. Within all this is the infighting of the Vasavadan royal family with the 3 siblings each fighting a continual struggle to take the throne of Kalakeri.

Information About Kalakeri

DarklordRamya Vasavadan
Domain CharacteristicDomain of Betrayal and Revenge
GenreGothic Horror and Dark Fantasy
HallmarksMonstrous leaders, family intrigue, war-torn nation
RacesMostly human

Characteristics of Kalakeri

Kalakeri is a vast, jungle domain, nearly surrounded by seas. Rivers and food flow plentifully through its lands, and while dangers do lurk in the thick undergrowth, it is the quagmire of political betrayals and constant warring between factions that makes Kalakeri such a dangerous domain.

Two factions fight to claim the throne of Kalakeri: Ramya and her soldiers and loyalists against her 2 younger siblings, Arijani and Reeva, who garner the support of the nobles and merchants of the domain.

In its prime, the dynasty of the Vasavadan royal family was a huge and prosperous empire that was a centre for art, religion and commerce in the region. It seemed like the dynasty would last forever until a terrible civil war occurred between Ramya and her siblings. This civil war ended with Ramya’s execution, but before her windpipes could be crushed, she bellowed out a curse upon her siblings. When she was killed and thrown into a watery grave, she was reborn as a vengeful being who slaughtered her siblings who themselves were reborn into beings that can transform into terrifying monsters. Both factions now command undead beings that were once loyal to them in life and continue this war in this domain of Ravenloft.

Amidst these squabbles, the citizens of Kalakeri are caught up in treacherous and murderous plans. Ramya, ever paranoid, executes any she suspects of betrayal without mercy, adding their skulls to her always-growing, Tower of Traitors.

Darklord: Ramya Vasavadan

Darklord Ramya Vasavadan
Ramya Vasavadan

Ramya Vasavadan was the eldest daughter of the previous King of Kalakeri. Before he died, he name Ramya as his successor. However, Arijani, Ramya’s brother, was not happy about being overlooked, he believed that he deserved the throne. Once their father had died, Arijani attempted to lay claim to the throne, stirring up the power-hungry ranas (the nobility of Kalakeri) against Ramya.

The ensuing conflict was dealt with swiftly as Ramya met her brother in battle. She intended to execute her bother for his treason but Reeva, Ramya’s younger sister begged for mercy so Ramya cast her brother into prison instead. Little did Ramya know that Reeva was also a perpetrator in this rebellious plot.

For a time, Ramya ruled with justice, promoting learning and prosperity, but this was not to last. Eventually, with the help of disloyal ranas, Reeva was able to plot an escape for here brother. Arijani, after years of plotting and stewing, was now able to lead his rebellion once again. Revolts occurred throughout the kingdom and Ramya, keen not to repeat her past mistakes, executed those involoved mercilessly. Eventually though, Reeva was able to convince her sister to meet with Arijani for negotiations.

Arijani and Reeva had no intention of negotiating with Ramya though. Instead, they set a trap. They killed Ramya’s royal guard and then took Ramya to be executed, showing her none of the mercy she had shown her brother years ago.

As Ramya was being strangled by the executioner’s garrote, she screamed out a curse upon her brother and sister, calling them bloodthirsty beasts. Ramya’s body was flung unceremoniously into the sea, but as this happened, Kalakeri was drawn into the mists of Ravenloft.

Weeks passed, but as the waves grew to their highest, Ramya emerged from her watery grave, reborn as a death knight and with an undead host of the slaughtered that she had led in life. They entered the streets of Jadurai, tore down the gates to the Cerulean Citadel and slaughtered all that had betrayed her. Ramya declared her younger siblings as traitors and had them executed, trampled underfoot by undead elephants.

In death Arijani and Reeva howled like beasts and cursed as they were, they were reborn, transformed into monstrous beasts that continue to wage war against Ramya for the throne of Kalakeri.

Locations in Kalakeri

Map of Kalakeri of Ravenloft
Map of Kalakeri


Jadurai is a large city and the capital of Kalakeri. It has huge buildings, built ages ago by the many previous dynasties that have ruled the land. Mingled with the old are the many new buildings as the city continues to grow with a burgeoning population. Of course, this also means many slums continue to grow, especially as the conflict between the Royal family continues to inflict hardship on the people of Kalakeri.

Hidden amongst this jumble of buildings and the heaving population, are many hidden ruins and ancient buildings. Secret catacombs can be found everywhere beneath the city and rarely a month goes by without a new, major discovery of some sort.

The Backwaters

The Backwaters are a mish-mash of waterways. In this tropical climate, rivers, lakes and the surrounding sea are always flowing plentifully. Plentifully enough to support many large and vicious monsters. The Backwaters are home to some of the most fearsome beasts native to Kalakeri such as basilisks, hydras, stone giants and cloud giants. They are also essential waterways for transporting food and goods for the populations of Kalakeri’s burgeoning population.

Cerulean Citadel

The Cerulean Citadel is a huge, octagonal citadel encompassing 100 acres of land. Built from sky-blue sandstone, it’s a stunning sight to behold and one that demonstrates the vast wealth of Kalakeri. Within its walls are gardens, courtyards and many buildings for housing the Royal family and their most trusted soldiers. Beneath the Citadel are a vast network of tunnels for storing supplies and transporting troops across the city as well as forgotten networks of caves where the ruins of ancient buildings from past dynasties (and possibly their treasures) can all be found.

Tower of Traitors

The Tower of Traitors is a large structure built from the skulls of all that have betrayed Ramya and that she deems worthy of death. With the civil war still in full flow, Ramya continues to add to the tower day after day, looking forward to the time when she can completely rid Kalakeri of all those of treasonous intent. Two skulls take pride of place in the tower, the original skulls of Arijani and Reeva.

The Vochalams

Two large mountains stand in the forests of Kalakeri, the Greater Vochalam and the Lesser Vochalam. These mountains are home to fearsome wyverns. It is rumoured that atop each mountain is a temple to some ancient god. Whoever claims the treasure of the real temple is granted a wish, but whoever claims the treasure in the wrong temple, will be transformed into a wyvern, cursed to serve the true ruler of Kalakeri.

The Ashram of Niranjan

Another Domain of Dread also hails from the same place as Kalakeri known as Niranjan. This domain can be found by sailing into the mists of the Sea of Spears to discover a land haunted by shadows.

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