Eldritch abominations

A 15ft tall, writhing mass of malformed and rotting flesh, strapped together in a spiked harness of chains that can be magically manipulated to allow it to walk (or it can simply float). Sibriexes are demons that obsess over body manipulation, creating unholy experiments of the flesh, including with their own bodies. They drain the self-worth from their victims, warping them into viewing the sibriex as a form of physical perfection.



A Sibriex weighs about 1,500lb and is made up almost entirely of deformed heads. Their foul smell and constant exuding of blood and bile cause a toxic effect on all life around them. They appear to have some of the bodily appendages of humans such as arms and ears, but these tend to simply be shrivelled almost beyond recognition. To move, they will simply float though their bodies are bound be spiked chains that can be manipulated and enchanted to allow them to walk.


Like most demons, Sibriexes are chaotic in nature, but somehow seem to embody this characyeristic even more than most. Perhaps it’s their particularly foul appearance or their unscrupulous intellect and knowledge, but sibriexes most certainly have a knack for bringing about greater horror than the admittedly high standards of most demons. Primarily, a sibriex is concerned with its own power, utilising knowledge and sadistic experiments to further this cause. They particularly enjoy bullying weaker creatures. The body manipulations they perform on themselves is almost an art style and they will perform such experiments on others without remorse. A sibriex is also incredibly arrogant and will demand a high price from anyone attempting to use them for some kind of purpose.


A sibriex is capable of warping the very fabric of reality around it as well as the realities held within the minds of others. Most horrifying of all is because of the sibriex’s view of itself as the quintessential form, it will inspire others to view it as a being of pure beauty, all the while, poisoning such beings with its very presence. When it chooses to focus upon its victim, it can transform it into an abyssal wretch, a deformed monstrosity. Such a transformation can only be reversed with exceptionally powerful magic such as that from the wish spell.

Such is the sibriex’s power, that it can, in a few short days, transform a legion of other beings into an army of rutterkin (simple-minded demons). This kind of warping is usually temporary, though it’s also excruciatingly painful. If the victim chooses, though, a sibriex could permanently transform them into a more powerful type of demon. Through the grafting of flesh, a sibriex could also, easily manipulate the body of itself or another into a variety of usually horrific forms.

A sibriex has innate magical abilities such as telekinesis that allows it to manipulate its chains as weapons for example. It’s also able to perform mind controlling spells such as charm person, feeblemind and command. Though it can float through the air, this isn’t due to its magic, but rather due to its naturally buoyant body (similar to how a beholder floats). Sibriexes also have tubes hanging from their lower body allowing them to spit shots of highly acidic bile that can liquefy their enemies.


The arrogance of sibriexes means that they consider no other being to be equal to themselves. This means that they either spend their time with lowly thralls as minions, or serving some even greater power than themselves such as a demon lord. If operating beneath a master, a sibriex will always seek to betray the master and overcome them somehow. Sibriexes are normally not patient in this endeavour, often quickly warping their circumstances to their favour, taking control of other creatures from their master or manipulating the environment until ready to strike. For this reason, it is rare to see a sibriex under another’s control and typically, they’ll prefer to live isolated from the rest of the Abyss with minions under their control, allowing them to avoid the politics of society.


The origins of the sibriex is largely unknown, but some scholars believe they may have travelled from an alien planet at about the same time that the Abyss was created. There have never been many sibriexes, but with the fall of the obyriths, their numbers have dwindled substantially so that there’s believed to only be a few hundred left in existence. It also seems that the process for which new sibriexes are created has been lost with time meaning that numbers have dwindled even more.

Before the Blood War was the war waged by the obyriths against law. During this war, the sibriexes were commissioned with creating the forces that would fight for the obyriths. The sibriexes were able to use their substantial expertise in body manipulation and experimentation to create a new form of demon known as the Tanar’ri. Initially, the Tanar’ri fought on behalf of the obyriths but they eventually turned against their masters, nearly annihilating the obyriths and becoming the rulers of the Abyss. The sibriexes were quick to manage to negotiate a switch in sides as the tides of war turned against them and some suspect this may have been their plan all along.

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