Giant options for subclasses and feats in latest unearthed arcana

Giant subclasses and feats for playtesting

Every now and again, Wizards of the Coast will release playtesting material that usually ends up in one of its books in some form or another. Often, these are new subclass options and other character creation options that players can test. Often, there are revisions to how the final version of the subclass works.

Giant Subclasses

In their latest Unearthed Arcana, WOTC have released options for characters with deeper ties to giants and their realms. The 3 new subclasses in this release include:

  • The Path of the Giant Barbarian
  • Circle of the Primeval Druid
  • Runecrafter Wizard

The Path of the Giant is for Barbarians that draw their strength from the primal forces of the giants. When such barbarians rage, they can take on aspects of different giant types, even growing in size and reach or infusing weapons with giant powers.

The circle of the Primeval are druids that draw their power from memories of the earth, bonding with ancient behemoths that once ruled the world alongside giants. Often these are dinosaurs. Such druids can have companions that grow larger than they themselves are. This primeval companion can also provide a titanic bond, strengthening the druid themself.

The Runecrafter is a wizard that draws power from the ancient art of runecrafting. It’s an art that originated with giants but expanded to other races as well. The wizard’s runes can be used to bestow extra hit points on allies, give them greater strength in battle, bestow greater defences and many other things as well.

Giant Feats

This Unearthed Arcana also adds 10 new feats to try, all linked to a connection with giants and their kin including the use of certain elemental abilities like temporary flight or creating a wall of smoke and ash. Each of these feats are fashioned after a type of giant, giving the character certain abilities related to that giant type. Many of them are also locked behind level pre-requisites.

Of course, WOTC usually puts out playtest material in preparation for a release into one of their books. It’s unclear how these options would link into one of Wizard’s currently announced releases, but with Volo’s Guide to Monsters now being partly replaced by Mordenkeinen’s Monsters of the Multiverse, we may see a full giant compendium similar to Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. It may also indicate that we may be getting a giant focused setting, or perhaps an ancient primeval focused one that may feature giants extensively. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Wizards have in store for us next.

You can see all the new playtest giant options in this Unearthed Arcana PDF and try out using giant options in your games.

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