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Dungeon Mister is a fan-built website made by experienced players and DMs to help people get the most out of the world’s most popular TTRPG. Our guides are designed to help beginners get started, enable experienced players to optimise their playstyle and aid DMs to create the best role-playing experience possible.

D&D is constantly evolving and so are our guides as we work to keep up to date with the latest releases and changes.

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Whether you’re completely new to Dungeons & Dragons and want to find out the basics, or you’re a seasoned dungeon master, we’ve got guides to help you play.

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Monsters lurk in every corner of Faerun and beyond. Make sure you’re prepared for your D&D adventures with our monster guides.

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From the deepest caverns of the underdark to the farthest reaches of realmspace, we’ve got guides for the vast and varied locations found throughout the D&D universe.

From valiant fighters and charming rogues to vastly powerful archmages, the worlds of D&D are home to some of the most legendary heroes, villains and gods imagined.