Demonic apes

Barlguras are broad, ape-like demons that are also known as ‘leaping demons’ for their powerful jumps. They are beast-like Tanar’ri but also too clever to be considered true beasts and this comes through in their personalities; like apes, they are tribal and agile, but like demons, they are also fearsome and brutal.


Barlugra’s are similar in height to humans but much broader, weighing about 650 pounds. They appear very similar to orangutans with long arms, hairy, orange bodies and powerful bodies that shamble around on all fours. They’re able to change the colour of their skin at will making them excellent scouts with natural camoflage. They differ from orangutans in the fact that they have a pair of large tusks, 6 fingers on each hand and savage looking claws they use for combat. Some barlguras prefer to use weaponry, though a barlgura is perfectly capable in combat without weapons.


Unlike most demons, barlguras are not filled with the same level of hate as their cousins. They care little for the blood war or for the concerns of other demons and do not bully or beat other demons for no reason, more seeing other demons as obstacles more than as rivals. In fact, their dealings with greater demons tend to be begrudging encounters only tolerated to prevent being punished. Instead, barlguras will tend to be more territorial, marking their territories with totems and trophies of past battles.


Barlguras have some access to magic, being able to turn themselves invisible and change the colour of their skin. They can also see invisible creatures and can cast entangle and disguise-self. These abilities lend themselves well towards the Barlgura’s preferred combat method of guerilla warfare. They will tend to stay hidden until ready to strike, at which point, they’ll launch themselves at their prey, attacking furiously.

Often, barlguras will swing through the trees to travel. Upon catching their victims, they will tear them apart, limb from limb and biting them until they’re turned into a bloody pulp. Usually, they will hunt in small packs, seeking to outnumber their opponents. One favoured trick of barlguras is to teleport with an enemy to a location they cannot escape, either isolating them from a group, or keeping them out of the way until they’re ready to deal with them.


Barlguras tend to remove themselves from demonic society, living far from the Abyssal settlements in small tribes in forests of cliffs. These tribes tend to be in the dozens, but some will grow as large as 300. When 2 tribes meet, they will savagely attack one another leading to an inevitable bloodbath until only one tribe is left. Some balors don’t take well to the exclusionary nature of barlguras and see these tribes as rebel factions as they do not support the cause of demons. At such times, the balors will lead their demons to killing these tribes.

When forced to serve other demons, barlguras will often operate as scouts. They still prefer to work with other barlguras, but when they can’t, will seek to dominate the other demons in the group and manipulate them towards their will. They will also try to disobey their masters at any opportunity, though this is normally met with cruel punishment. Demogorgon, Yeenoghu and Baphomet favour the use Barlguras in their hordes.

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