Half-demon pariahs

Cambions are the offspring of a male Tanar’ri demon and a female humanoid making them half-demon. Typically, the humanoid would be a plane-touched being such as a tiefling, but cambions vary in their origins. The cambion offspring of a demon lord would be known as a noble cambion whereas the offspring of a succubus and a humanoid is known as an alu-fiend.


The appearance of a cambion could vary considerably depending on the creature’s parents, but typically, cambions will take on features of both their parents often inheriting a humanoid stature and basic features (such as the number of limbs) but also gaining aspects of their demon heritage such as wings or horns.


The mother of a true cambion will always die at childbirth, this means that cambions born on the material plane are usually orphaned whereas those born in the Abyss are abused by the true demons who consider their half-demon nature to be inferior to a true demon. Due to their lot in life, cambions usually grow up bitter and twisted, never fitting in either society (mortal society would also reject half-demons as they are at best, considered untrustworthy). Usually, mistrust of cambions is appropriate, but occassionally, a good-hearted mother might pass on some of her natural goodness to her offspring. Good offspring though are always rejected by their patron demon, their nature making them of little use to demons.

Despite this near universal rejection, cambions are actually very useful and resourceful making excellent assassins and infiltrators into mortal society. They also excel at luring mortals into evil and are perhaps only bettered at this by succubi. For this reason, demon lords will utilise their skills often as ambassadors to cults and worshipers of demon lords, particularly by Graz’zt, Demogorgon, Orcus and Lolth.

Perhaps because they feel they have something to prove due to their heritage or early rejection from society, but cambions are always ambitious and try hard at all they do. This often makes them good leaders and spies.

Usually, when cambions mate, it is with other cambions. Their rejection from the societies they were born in often drives them towards those of their own kind. When they do mate with non-cambions, it tends to be with mortals though, with tieflings being a preferred mate due to their greater similarities and the fact they will then produce tiefling offspring of their own.

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