Roll20 and DMs Guild Announce New Partnership

Get DMs Guild content on Roll20

This week, Roll20 and DMs Guild announced a brand new partnership! Content creators on DMs Guild will soon be able to create Roll20 content in the form of modules and add-ons that unlock content purchased on DMs Guild in the Roll20 platform. This means that if a Roll20 user wants to use their DMs Guild maps and handouts in Roll20’s virtual tabletop, then they can do so without any extra setup.

This of course opens up some huge possibilities for the D&D virtual platform allowing seamless use of things like maps, but also homebrew subclass options and campaigns. And with DMs Guild holding a huge amount of content in its ever-growing archives, the possibilities here are endless, turning much of the great content on that platform virtual.

There was no indication in the announcement when content creators will be able to make their content compatible, but they did indicate it would be soon. It’s also unclear exactly what content creators will need to do to make their content compatible with Roll20 but it sounds like the idea is to create as seamless a process as possible.

What is Roll20?

Roll20 is a virtual platform for playing Dungeons & Dragons. It allows players to play D&D online, together, giving the DM all the tools they need to run great sessions online. It’s also a platform through which players can purchase published material that can be held and used within their account with all actions in the game able to be played through the platform.

What is DMs Guild?

DMs Guild is a platform for community created D&D content (occasionally including Wizards of the Coast’s own published content). It allows creators to create and share their own material from maps, monsters and subclasses to their own sessions and campaigns. Creators often sell their work (though some make their creations free) and are able to earn half the profit with the rest going to DMs Guild.

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