Spelljammer Academy: Free Spelljammer Adventure comes to D&D Beyond

Get ready for Wildspace adventures!

**Update: All 4 episodes of Spelljammer Academy are now live**

A few months ago, Wizards of the Coast announced that the Spelljammer setting would be coming to D&D 5e with a new set of source books coming in August 2022. Now we’re getting closer, players are being primed with a free Spelljammer adventure set in wildspace called Spelljammer academy. It’s a 4 session adventure that acts as a precursor to whet your appetite for the full length adventure arriving next month as part of the source book set called Light of Xaryxis.

What happens in Spelljammer Academy?

Spelljammer Academy will take on promising recruits into its academy who will train in the intricacies of wildspace combat and exploration. Players will find themselves performing ship-to-ship combat, space exploration and getting involved in “clandestine” operations (whatever that means)…

Wizards explain that this is not only an introductory campaign to the Spelljammer setting, but that it also foreshadows events occurring from an unknown threat. It starts players off at 1st level across a 4 session adventure.

When Does Spelljammer Academy Release?

Now! It’s available right now on D&D Beyond as a free adventure compatible with the platform. At least, the first episode is available. The other 3 episodes will become available over time though no specific time-frame has been given yet. All you need to do to access the adventure is sign in to your account (or create one if you haven’t already). You don’t even need a paid account, a free one will work just fine, and it’s there for you to sink your teeth into.

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