Wizards of the Coast release revised “Heroes of Krynn” unearthed arcana

Preparing for the Dragonlance adventure releasing later this year

A little while back, WOTC released an unearthed arcana with test backgrounds and subclasses related to the Dragonlance setting (which we have now had revealed to us in the recent D&D Direct). These character options included rules for playing as a kender (the Dragonlance version of halflings), a lunar sorceror subclass, backgrounds for the Knights of Solamnia and mages of high sorcery.

Along with these new character options are a variety of Dragonlance specific feats that characters can take as well.

WOTC have now updated these character options with an updated release that includes changes like making kender fearless (rather than just having advantage on fear checks), removing their fey heritage, removing their random item ability in favour of a bonus proficiency and updating the taunt mechanics.

The lunar sorceror subclass has remained the same but the backgrounds have also had some changes. As part of character’s experiences in the War of the Lance, they gain bonus feats (from a prescribed list) at 1st and 4th level. Some of these feats will chain into improved feats as well, these include:

  • Divinely Favored
  • Skilled
  • Tough
  • Adept of the Black Robes/Red Robes/White Robes
  • Alert
  • Knight of the Crown/Rose/Sword
  • Mobile
  • Sentinel
  • War Caster

Many of the setting specific feats have been altered slightly giving Knights of Solamnia combat maneuvers and applying spellcasting bonuses depending on which order of high sorcery a character belongs to.

You can read the updated Unearthed Arcana 2022: Heroes of Krynn Revisited right here.

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