Can druids wear metal armor in DnD 5e?

No, as a principle, druids refuse to wear metal armor as they consider it a symbol of the civilisation they eschew. The Player’s Handbook and SRD state:

“Light armor, medium armor, shields (druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal)”

Player’s Handbook

Of course, while you can’t wear metal armor, you can use all sorts of other armor types made from different materials. Shields can be made of wood, leather and animal hides are commonly used in armor and druids are able to wear scale mail if it’s not made of metal.

Druids are not incapable of wearing metal armor (the restriction is not due to a lack of strength for example). It’s a choice made on principle.

In addition, if you multiclass into a druid, this restriction still applies even though your previous class may have been able to wear metal armor. When you become a druid, you adopt all the principles of a druid, including the refusal to wear metal armor.

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