Can you cast a cantrip as a bonus action in DnD 5e?

Yes you can, but only if the spell states its duration as a bonus action. As with levelled spells, cantrips must be cast with the type of action stated in the spell’s description. If the casting time is stated as a bonus action, then you can cast it as a bonus action, if the casting time is any other duration (like an action or a reaction), then you can’t cast it as a bonus action.

There are only 2 spells currently available in D&D 5e that are cantrips with a casting time of a bonus action. They are:

  • Magic Stone
  • Shillelagh

This means your options are fairly limited for bonus action cantrips.

If you are a sorcerer, you can take the quickened spell option when you gain meta magic which will allow you to cast spells that normally require an action, as a bonus action. This can include cantrips. However, this appears to be one of very few examples where you might be able to cast other cantrips as bonus actions.

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