Plasmoids Playable Race Guide in D&D 5e

From lore and descriptions to traits and abilities, learn all about Plasmoids in D&D 5e

Plasmoids are ooze creatures and the only playable race with an official designation as an ooze. Like other oozes, it’s an amorphous being that can alter it’s shape however it wants, often appearing as a humanoid for convenience when among other humanoids. Unlike other oozes, Plasmoids are intelligent beings that aren’t just ruled by impulses and instincts.

Plasmoids have been around since 2nd edition, but D&D 5e is the first time Plasmoids will be a playable race. As a space-faring race, they’ve appropriately been included in Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know to play as one of these very squidgy characters.

What are Plasmoids in D&D 5e?

Plasmoids are ooze creatures from outer space with an intellect comparable to other playable races in D&D 5e. They are also the first ever playable race in D&D to be an ooze. They’re a space-faring bunch so are most at home in a Spelljammer setting but can be inserted into any setting, though such an occurrence would be rare so make sure you speak to your DM first before creating a Plasmoid character.


Plasmoids are amorphous oozes meaning they can take whatever shape they want. Most Plasmoids stick to being humanoid shaped when around humanoids but can transform their shape whenever necessary. If they need to squeeze through the bars of a jail cell, they can manage it, if they need to stretch their body up tall, they can do that too (though a Plasmoid is officially small or medium sized). A Plasmoid can even separate a pseudopod from itself to act independently.

While squidgy, Plasmoids can maintain a firm form or can make themselves very pliable. They also aren’t limited by internal organs of the sort Humans and other races need tow orry about allowing them to squeeze their body into a space as thin as 1 inch. Plasmoids are translucent beings that are naturally grey but can alter their colour by absorbing dyes to make themselves whatever colour they want.


Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is light on details about Plasmoid culture and personality giving you an opportunity to create this for yourself. It’s worth noting though that Plasmoids are a particularly alien race and likely are not driven by the same drives as many other playable races. They breathe by absorbing oxygen, consume food by osmosis and don’t need to worry about getting stuck in small spaces (normally). This means that some of the typical fears that most Humanoids might be concerned by are not concerns for Plasmoids. Equally, some of their habits may seem odd or even disturbing for other races.

How to play as a Plasmoid

This is difficult as Wizards of the Coast have given us so little to work with on what Plasmoids are like. I’d say though, that’s it’s worth leaning into the alien nature of Plasmoids and focusing on what might differentiate your character from some of the more “normal” playable races. What quirks might you exhibit (such as absorbing food through your skin, does it then just un-absorb when you need to excrete).

You might also want to focus on your motivations. Why are you an adventurer and how have you come to be where you are. If in the Spelljammer setting, this might not be too unusual an occurrence, but if your campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms for instance, then why are you there?

Plasmoid features in 5e

Ability Scores+2 to one ability score and +1 to another or +1 to 3 different ability scores
Creature TypeOoze
SizeMedium or Small
LanguagesCommon and one other language
TraitsAmorphous, Darkvision, Hold Breath, Natural Resilience, Shape Self
Book found inSpelljammer: Adventures in Space

If you want to play as a Plasmoid, your character will have the following traits and abilities:

Plasmoid traits

Amorphous – You can squeeze through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide, provided you are wearing and carrying nothing. You also have advantage on ability checks you make to initiate or escape a grapple.

Darkvision – You can see in dim light within 60 feet of yourself as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You discern colors in that darkness only as shades of gray.

Hold Breath – You can hold your breath for 1 hour.

Natural Resilience – You have resistance to acid and poison damage, and you have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned.

Shape Self – As an action, you can reshape your body to give yourself a head, one or two arms, one or two legs, and makeshift hands and feet, or you can revert to a limbless blob. While you have a humanlike shape, you can wear clothing and armor made for a Humanoid of your size. As a bonus action, you can extrude a pseudopod that is up to 6 inches wide and 10 feet long or reabsorb it into your body. As part of the same bonus action, you can use this pseudopod to manipulate an object, open or close a door or container, or pick up or set down a Tiny object. The pseudopod contains no sensory organs and can’t attack, activate magic items, or lift more than 10 pounds.

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