Glitchling Race, Fate Cleric Plus New Backgrounds, Feats & Spells in Latest Unearthed Arcana

Wonders of the Multiverse hints at multiversal sourcebook

It wasn’t particularly long ago that Wizards released their last Unearthed Arcana with a bunch of giant and primordial features. And they’re at it again today with the release of a new race, cleric subclass, 4 new backgrounds, 21 new feats and 5 new spells. All of these seem to come under a multiversal theme with this particular Unearthed Arcana being called “Wonders of the Multiverse” which you can download from the official Wizard’s site here.

Interestingly, there seems to be a fair bit of crossover from the giant and primordial options found in the previous Unearthed Arcana, though this set seems more varied. Could we be getting a new sourcebook that focuses on the Planes of Existence in some kind of multiversal book? Or could we be getting a new giant focused book similar to Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons was a dragon focused book. Only time will tell, but for now, let’s dive into what we get with the latest Unearthed Arcana.


First off, we’ve been treated to a new playable race known as glitchlings. These are part magical and part mechanical constructs with a fully formed conciousness and intellect that also happen to have wings to fly. They originate from lawful planes such as Mechanus, which perhaps indicates a forthcoming multiversal themed book. They have limited flight capabilities, natural plated armour and an observant mind.

Fate Domain Cleric

The Fate Domain Cleric receives their powers from gods who perceive more of the strands of fate and what the future holds for mortality. They can tap into these powers, gaining glimpses of what is and what is to come giving them unique powers. They receive their own set of domain specific spells with increased abilities for divination-like spells. Other abilities allow the cleric to bind themselves to the fate of another causing greater damage or healing to that individual, they’re also able to gain insight into the defences of a combatant to better fight them.


Wonders of the Multiverse also introduces 4 new backgrounds for characters with a large dose of inter-planar and giant influences chucked into these. These new backgrounds include:

  • Giant Foundling – While not biologically related to giants, characters with this background have been influenced by giants in their environment. They may have been raised by giants or lived in some kind of primordial part of the world. Either way, such characters are heavily influenced by giant influences.
  • Gate Warden – Characters that have lived near a portal of some kind that has heavily influenced them in some way. Such characters are accustomed to dealing with fiends and celestials as much as they are with mortal beings.
  • Planar Philosopher – A character that is driven to learn and discover all there is about the planes of existence. Such characters are travellers and explorers of the vast D&D cosmology
  • Rune Carver – Such characters have been raised studying the art of rune-craft. They may have been taught the skill or simply spent much time pouring over various runes, either way, they have learnt to utilise runecraft that originated with giants, but is now more prevalent among many races.

Feats and Spells

Finally, Wonders of the Multiverse adds in 21 new feats and 5 new spells. Some of these new feats have level requirements as well as requiring taking over feats initially too. Certain backgrounds will also take certain feats as part of the background. Many of the feats available pull from primordial powers as well as powers from other planes beyond the mortal plane such as elemental powers, giant related feats among others. The new feats added include:

  • Rune Carver Apprentice
  • Scion of Elemental Air
  • Scion of Elemental Earth
  • Scion of Elemental Fire
  • Scion of Elemental Water
  • Scion of Elemental Planes
  • Strike of the Giants
  • Agent of Order
  • Baleful Scion
  • Cartomancer
  • Cohort of Chaos
  • Ember of the Fire Giant
  • Fury of the Frost Giant
  • Guile of the Cloud Giant
  • Keenness of the Stone Giant
  • Outlands Envoy
  • Planar Wanderer
  • Righteous Heritor
  • Rune Carver Adept
  • Soul of the Storm Giant
  • Vigor of the Hill Giant

Finally, Wonders of the Multiverse adds 5 new spells that are inspired by the Deck of Many Things and the random powers that can occur from drawing one of these cards. These new spells include:

  • Spray of Cards (2nd Level)
  • Antagonize (3rd Level)
  • House of Cards (3rd Level)
  • Summon Warrior Spirit (3rd Level)
  • Spirit of Death (4th Level)

We’ll have to wait and see if these new character options are hinting at a new sourcebook set within the planes of existence or whether we’ll see a giant focused book. For now, you can try out these new playtesting options from Wizard’s own website.

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